Reviews.  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The vast majority of our clients are extremely happy with our service.  You likely will be to.

We have an A+ Better Business Rating, awesome customer service and lots of glowing reviews but we do have some bad reviews – and we are not ashamed of them.  You should read them and our responses.  The bottom line is not everyone is nice all the time.  Every business get jerks through its doors – it’s just part of life and part of doing business.  Some businesses handle jerks by sucking up to them – we do not.

We believe respect is a two way street and in being nice until its time to not be nice.  We know people have bad days from time to time and that divorce can be an emotional time and we are not unsympathetic and will do our best to be supportive but we simply won’t tolerate inappropriate behavior.    And if you think about it – why would you want to hire an attorney who would tolerate that kind of behavior.

So we hope you agree that our view on this is the way things ought to be and that you give our few bad reviews their due consideration and trust that if you are nice to us, we will be nice to you and help you through this process.  And if you wanna write a review, good or bad – we encourage that.