A Word of Caution

It is illegal for any one but yourself or a licensed attorney to prepare or assist you with your divorce or preparation of your paperwork.

So how are all these other DIY divorce form businesses doing it?  

They are likely doing it one of two ways: they are either ripping you off by selling you a generic fill in the blank packet of forms that you have to fill in and prepare yourself that you could likely have gotten for free or they are using their website to simply transfer your responses to their forms with no attorney review or checks for accuracy.  Which essentially means, you are doing most of the work that you are supposedly paying them for.

So what happens if I make a mistake in my responses or I type an incorrect response?

Basically, your paperwork will likely be wrong and the results could end up being that you waste your time and money, don’t get your divorce and have to start over.

How is your service different?

Our forms are not generated from your own responses alone.  They are hand drafted and checked for accuracy by a paralegal and are reviewed by a licensed attorney.  In short, our divorce forms and divorce service is superior to anything else out there and less expensive as well.

What about other Divorce Service Firms that advertise $120 or $150 divorces?  Are they really cheaper?

Likely not.  This is a ‘teaser fee’ or bait and switch move.  We consider it a bit dishonest and we choose not to do business like that.  The $120 and $150 are essentially legal fees only.  You’ll likely have to pay court cost and other fees that will put your actual total more than our total flat rate fee of $395 that we charge which covers everything needed for a standard uncontested divorce.  However, if you are ever quoted a lower total fee than $395 – we will match or beat it.  Don’t get suckered by advertisements that don’t tell you the total cost.