How to File for Divorce in North Carolina

How Our Divorce Service Works – What’s the Best Option?

HOW DOES IT WORK?  You fill out the Divorce Interview Form below, we draft and send you a simple 3 page Divorce Complaint to review.  You sign it in front of a notary and return to us by mail.  Once you have done that and made payment, your involvement is done – the attorney handles the rest.  45 to 60 days later (on average) or sooner and your divorce is done.  Or choose our personalized DIY Divorce forms – just Sign & Submit ™

How do I know what to choose?

Just start here using this easy chart by first deciding between 2 simple choices:

1) Do you want us to do your divorce for you? 
If so, skip down to   Having you do my Divorce for me.


2) Do you want to do your own divorce?
If so, read Doing my own Divorce below

Doing my own Divorce with Personalized Divorce Forms & Instructions for $95

If you chose to do your own divorce, you will likely not save any money unless you are also indigent (low or no income) and eligible to have court cost waived.  Otherwise, once all is said and done, if you have to pay court cost, you will likely be paying close to or more than the $395 to have us do everything for you.  If you are sure doing your own divorce is the way for you, just go to the $95 Divorce Forms page, fill out and submit the easy Divorce Interview Form and make your payment of $95.  We will prepare your Divorce Forms and send them to you by e-mail and postal mail (in case you have difficulty printing).  When you get your forms, just review them, sign them and follow the simple instructions to submit them to the Court.

Having you do my Divorce for me for $395 or $495.

If you decide to have us do everything, you have 2 simple choices of how fast you want your divorce done Standard or Expedited:

1) Do you want a Standard Divorce which takes on average 45 to 60 days to complete for  $395?


2) Do you want an Expedited Divorce which takes on average 30 to 45 days or sooner and requires your spouse to sign a Waiver for $495

The difference between these two options is the time it takes to complete, the cost and the fact that the Expedited Divorce requires your spouse to be cooperative with you and sign and return a Waiver.  If your spouse isn’t cooperative – the Standard Divorce is your best option. Either way, we will need some information from you and you guessed it, you have 2 simple choices on how to get it to us (but this is the last decision):

1) Fill out our easy online  Divorce Interview Form (takes 5 minutes)


2) If you don’t want to wait want to get started right now or are uncomfortable sending personal information online or just  – click here to use our easy   Alternate Printable Divorce Form

The difference between these two options is with the Divorce Interview Form we prepare your documents and send you a copy to review by e-mail and regular postal mail.  With the Printable Divorce Form, you hand fill in the information so there’s no wait and you don’t have to send personal information online.

If you have questions check out our FAQ page or call us at (910) 333-9679
– we are happy to help you.

Divorce Interview Form

This is a quick, easy, straight forward form. Some fields are required and can not be left blank. If you don't know the answer to a required field, just type 'unknown' and move on to the next question. We will assist you with unknown question(s) later.

Please Note: A Standard Uncontested Divorce is $395 and can be completed in 45 to 60 days. We can complete it quicker in 30 to 45 days if your spouse is willing to cooperate with you. There is an additional fee $100 for a total of $495 for the Expedited Service. Doing your own divorce is not recommended but you may be able to save some money IF you are also eligible to have Court cost waived.
We MUST have your CURRENT FULL LEGAL NAME in the fields above. Usually this will be as it appears on your Driver License or other current government issued ID.
Enter Your FULL Address: Street Address, City, State and Zip Code (PO Box is OK)
Street Address (PO Box is OK)
Suite / Apt. or other Address Information
If you do not enter your full address including the street address, city, state and zip code - it may delay the processing of your divorce and you likely will not receive a hard copy of your divorce complaint in the mail.
If you live in Louisiana, enter the Parish you live in. If you live in an Incorporated City or outside the United States this entry may not apply. If so, write Incorporated City, 'NA' or 'Unknown'.
Either you OR your spouse MUST have resided in the state of North Carolina for at least the past 6 months to be eligible to file for divorce in North Carolina.
Your e-mail address will not be sold or used for any purpose other than for us to contact you directly.
This field is OPTIONAL. If you do not want to be contacted by phone just leave blank!
The exact date of marriage is critical. If you do not know the exact date - we may be able to look it up for you if you know where you were married.
If married in Louisiana, enter the Parish. If married outside the United States, enter the Country and that countries' equivalent of City, County, and State
Note: YOU MUST BE SEPARATED FOR ONE YEAR! You must have been physically separated (not living together) for at least one year in order to be eligible to file for divorce in North Carolina. This date does not have to be exact but should include at least the month and year.
Children born or adopted BEFORE the marriage do not need to be included.
You can choose to go back to the name you were born with. This is known as your 'Maiden Name'. Or you may choose to resume a former married name IF you also have minor children from that former marriage. You can not change your name to anything other than your Maiden Name or Former Married Name in a divorce action. If you want to change your name to something else, you will need to go through the formal name change process with your local county clerk or courts office.
This field is OPTIONAL however, if you want to resume your Maiden Name or Former Married Name and you do not provide your birth date or provide an incorrect birth date, you will most likely have difficulty changing government ID's such as your drivers license and Social Security card.
If you have a Separation Agreement we will need to see a copy of it - please do not send your original document.
If you have a written Separation Agreement - Do you want it Incorporated into the Divorce Judgment? * Required Field
We MUST have your spouse's FULL legal name.
Enter your Spouse's FULL Address: Street Address, City, State and Zip Code (PO Box is OK) - DO NOT USE SAME ADDRESS AS YOURS ABOVE
Street Address (PO Box is OK)
Suite / Apt. or Other Address Information
If you do not know your spouse's address, you can still get divorced but it may require doing a legal publication in a major newspaper where your spouse was last know to live. The cost for a legal publication varies, so if you need to serve your spouse by this method we will need to get a quote for you. This cost is not included in the $395 fee. We recommend doing everything you can to locate a good address for your spouse because it is by far much less expensive to serve your spouse by certified mail or by sheriff.
If your spouse lives in Louisiana, enter the Parish they live in. If your spouse lives in an Incorporated City or outside the United States this entry may not apply. If so, write 'NA' or 'Unknown'.
NOTE: We will likely need to verify your Spouse's military status. This is done by a simple affidavit but does require personal information such as your spouse's date of birth and social security number.
NOTE: This information is needed to verify and prepare an affidavit of military status. It is OPTIONAL at this stage if you prefer not to provide in now but we will likely need it at some point.
Do you have any Unresolved Marital Issues? (check all that apply) * Required Field
If you have unresolved marital issues, you may need a formal written Separation and / or Property Settlement Agreement. This is an additional fee and would need to be done prior to the divorce. If you divorce without resolving certain marital issues you may be barred from having the court decide those issues later.